Thissen & Stecher BV

Machines and products for
the food processing industry.

Pannenberg 8
5951 DM Belfeld
+31 (0) 77 382 18 97

Skid construction / unit construction


Thissen & Stecher BV supplies turnkey solutions in composite products including skid construction and unit construction. We have a wealth of experience in building composite installations, skids, manifolds and corresponding piping for various processes.

Prefabrication is possible by mounting individual parts on a frame from, for instance, tanks and heat exchangers to complete filtration systems, dosing installations and manifolds. Thissen & Stecher BV is active in the chemical and food industries. We have customer specific solutions for skids for everybody. All skids are made of high-quality stainless steel, meet the most stringent international test requirements and are PED certified.

Certificate welding company according DIN EN ISO 3834.pdf
Certificate transfer marking of materials according DIN EN 10204.pdf


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